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Partake in our Business Directory

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Partake in our business directory for local producers, from farmers to value-added producers. We just added a directory where you can list your business and the products that you are offering. I haven’t... READ MORE

Affordable Housing Discussions

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Back in April affordable housing discussions were taking shape. Now, there is another one coming up – only we are going deeper in the discussion of co-housing and tiny homes. This was one... READ MORE

Collaboration is happening

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Collaboration is happening between Sedona Pies, EShow Network and with us here at Food 4 Social Change. Recently Mari-Lyn broke up with a non-profit who’s goal is to educate and provide networking opportunities.... READ MORE

Loans that change lives

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Learn about 0% interest loans that change lives, small business loans on Kiva! Learn about Kiva U.S., a non-profit that makes 0% interest microloans to support U.S. small business owners, entrepreneurs, artisans and... READ MORE

Happy Spring

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Do you feel the air, the birds are singing “Happy Spring?” Celebrating Easter and all it awesomeness. Whether you celebrate the traditional version or a way that it fits for you. Happy Spring!... READ MORE

Happy Holidays, 2016

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Happy Holidays to you for 2016! Keep pushing for your dreams and wishes. This christmas tree took two guys 40 hours each to decorate. It reminds me of how often it takes a... READ MORE

Growing Pains

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Growing pains are present in every business, whether you are starting out or expanding we always seek some answers to our problems. Business Incubators are wonderful programs that help Entrepreneurs start, expand and... READ MORE