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Saying Goodbye
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Dear Friends, Saying goodbye, my decision to close down Food 4 Social Change after putting in 2.5 years of drive and passion into it. It’s with great disappointment and yet excitement for something new. The Kitchen Incubator / Maker Space just hasn’t come into being the way I intended it would. It seems it keeps coming … read more

Relationship Marketing & Sales Workshops
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Relationship Marketing & Sales Workshops are going to be educational and you’ll learn a lot about growing your business. Success starts here. As in any business start-up, besides being in production, 80% of your time needs to be spent on marketing. How do you do your marketing if you don’t have a mission statement – this … read more

Building Reciprocity
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Building reciprocity is when we place a premium on our relationships, we then tend to attach more importance or value on them. “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one organization to another.” Have you ever thought of recession proofing your business? It doesn’t matter what kind of business … read more

Crowdfunding for Food Projects
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Crowdfunding for food projects is a challenge, there are some really good services and some that may not work well for you to get funded. Getting money for a food business is one on the hardest things to get funding for, one thing is for sure banks are not giving loans to restaurants or anything to … read more

Everything is working out
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Everything is working out, this is my mantra these days as I continue to hold the vision for the kitchen incubator to come into view. What has happened over the last 4 weeks or so, I shared with a friend that another friend suggested that the kitchen runs under a non-profit. I wasn’t really open to … read more

Intentions and Expectations 2017
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Intentions and expectations, 2017. Welcome to 2017, filled with wishes and dreams for whatever your intentions you have set for your business this year. We started promoting and marketing the concept of a kitchen incubator for food startups and having a community kitchen that would be able to offer cooking skills and educational courses to create … read more