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Moving Social Change

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Moving Social Change is very much like a Social Movement. It’s when people come together to create change as they don’t like the way things are know or they know there has to be a better way of being.


According to WIKI – “Social movements are a type of group action. They are large informal groupings of individuals or organizations which focus on specific political or social issues. In other words, they carry out, resist or undo a social change.”

This reminds me about when I first got into Kindness, a group of my friends got together and we formed a “Shameless Capitalist Group.” It was simply, to find a way to move Kindness forward in business. It was funny, as people began to think of us as a Political party.

According to Research Starters:
Because social movements have led to so many dramatic changes in societies around the globe, scholars have spent a great deal of time trying to understand where they come from, who participates in them, how they succeed, and how they fail. Much of what they have discovered is that social movements do not just happen; they require by one person just sending a letter to an editor of a newspaper.”

Through social media and video’s quite often this is how we hear about the various Social Change activities. When the Sandy Hook tragedy happened, people started to perform 26 acts of kindness. From buying coffee, forgiving the client invoices, to making snowflakes to give away, doing Kickstarter to help with the funeral costs.

Social Change and their movements I believe are good – just because all it takes is for one person to take the initiative to change something in their community, their workplace or even just being a Leader in their own home. When something irritates you or you just see injustice then you will act upon it, either join forces with someone else or start your own campaign.

We all can make a difference and moving social change into something else. My friend Juliette Wallen, wanted to support other people in achieving their Dreams, so she began a Facebook group so people could share their dreams. She’s made some great connections and received a peace award for her action. Check out her Facebook group.

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