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Start voting with your wallet. If there is one environmental cause you need to support consider fighting for good food, this means Non-GMO food.  If we don’t have good food, then the rest is history.

Want to know more?

I have found some great resources that will help you to decide for yourself if you really want GMO’s in your food.

Genetic engineering biotechnology is an unprecedented intimate alliance between bad science and big business, which will spell the end of humanity as we know it, and of the world at large.”   From Genetic Engineering – Dream or Nightmare? 
by Dr. Mae Wan Ho, a British Scientist.

Today, thousands of products on supermarket shelves are made with ingredients from genetically modified (also known as genetically engineered [GE]) crops. But GM foods are not labeled in the U.S., despite warnings from doctors and scientists that these foods may not be safe in the diet or the environment.

This lack of mandatory labeling can make it difficult to determine which products are made with GM ingredients and which are not. The new application is designed to give health-and-safety-conscious consumers who wish to avoid GM ingredients the tools they need to make informed purchasing decisions. read more on True Food.

Want to find out what retailers support NON GMO?

Non GMO Project, lists verified products, participating retailers, restaurant..get involved.

Here’s 5 ways to get involved – as every action does make a difference

1. Vote with your wallet. 
When you are shopping look for the Non-GMO Verified seal on the products you buy. To find out if a product is verified you can also use our Product Search to easily search the over 3000 products currently verified by the Non-GMO Project.

2. Donate
The Non-GMO Project is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Your financial support is tax-deductible, and helps to ensure that we can continue working to provide safe, healthy food choices. We will gratefully accept donations of any size.

3. Participate in Non-GMO Month
. October is Non-GMO Month. If you are a retailer, help educate your consumers about GMOs. If you are a consumer, ask your local retailer to participate. Get involved!

4. Encourage Your Favorite Brands to Participate
If a brand you love is not verified, let them know about our verification program. Use your voice to help ensure a non-GMO food supply. Submit a product verification request.

5. Voice your Opinion. 
Read our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on the latest news on GMOs. Inform yourself, and then take action. We will continue to find ways to help you engage with all that is happening related to GMOs.

This page is a MUST read..since 1999, we’ve been in a GM crisis with our food.

Thanks for reading..


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