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Are you Frustrated?

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Are you frustrated? Are you so passionate about something and you want to change it?

As you know I have been doing interviews of business owners who are making a difference or having a mission with their businesses. They usually are solving a problem that they are either really touched by or they see a real need and have a solution for it.

One of the gals that I interviewed is really frustrated with the way people judging other people, who discriminate against others because of their color or their financial situation. She herself is doing much good for companies that I sometimes wonder why “we” just don’t go out and do what we are really passionate about??

Another gal who I met through a friend of mine, she has started a non-profit and is seeking funding for her programs. Very talented gal. She just completed a wonderful program called “Rites of Passage. it’s a 10 week program for girls 10-15. Now, China is starting a program for young men. She’s decided that she is too busy to find work. It’s pretty cool when I get to see and hear of people who have just stepped up and took a step to begin to fulfill their dreams.

One of my dreams was to use Sedona Pies as a vehicle for social change, eventually have a commercial bakery and run it so that it could feed the hungry and teach those that wanted to learn. It’s not that this is not possible, one of the things that I found is once I reached a certain point in my business I needed help. Many people said, they wanted to help me..I just didn’t have the money at the time to move forward. Now I am ready to move my mountain, moving forward anyway.

Now it’s time, to create a Incubator for Food Entrepreneurs so they can come together and help solve the issues of getting started and being successful as a Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs. One thing I do recognize is just because someone says no – it’s so what? – Let’s find a way around it. Rather than quitting or giving up. It’s what “Lean Startups,” are saying sometimes it’s just a matter of pivoting a change of direction or how we are doing what we are doing. There is a terrific lecture series that I encourage you to watch the series on Udemy.

If you are a start-up and want to get more support in starting your Socially Conscious Business? If you have a food product/service, an Artist or something else let us know by filling out the application for the Incubator.

There is an application process you’ll find the application questions one this page. We’ll be starting the incubator by April 2013.

Thank you!
Food 4 Social Change

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