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Social Change Are you one of the 99 percent?

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Social Change: Are you one of the 99 percent? It saddens me when there are so many people who are homeless in the USA.

The voice of the people who are homeless are not being heard. They are falling through the cracks, thus the rise of homelessness is growing. I really don’t feel the cracks are small either. What is being done about this? Most people don’t want to hear about other people in distress or acknowledging them, in fearing they may end up along side with them, so instead they pretend they don’t exist.

“The Occupy Movement is driven by individuals who are willing to speak up. They are a group of citizens at the grassroots.” You don’t even have to be an activist just someone who cares about other people, these people are your brothers and sisters. Maybe even your family members, or friends or.

If we want to say we are ONE then this means we need to work together. Real change comes from the bottom up. I am reminded about working with people several years ago that if you want to have a healthier workplace then everyone needs to step up. Organize your social committe, partner up with your co-wrorkers to be kinder to everyone or make the changes that you want to see happen. Don’t expect your boss to mandate it or pay for it. They will, when the bottom speaks up or shows the upper management what a difference it will make to the whole organization, including making a profit.

Housing is a big issue not only for families, also for single people who don’t have access to resources. Most people that I have spoken to, don’t realize that if someone doesn’t have an address, then you can’t get a bank account, a mail box to rent, a credit card, a job or many other services. I even have had friends say, “Why don’t they just get a job?” Or they aren’t doing it right!

What is the line.. Do something or get out of the way.

If you really want to help end homelessness or help somone get a job, quit judging other people. Start helping them. Find it in your heart to be compassionate. Don’t blame people, especially if you have not walked in their shoes. If you have, shame on you!

These are some things you can do to help someone:

1. Adopt a family or group of people – help out with food, cook them a meal, invite them over for dinner.
2. Volunteer at a local housing project
3. Use your skills to help others
4. Hire people to do odd things for you
5. Babysit for a mother, so she can work and feed her family
6. Recruit other people to help you or find an organization, check out endhomelessness.org

If you are homeless or the 99% share your story..http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com

The biggest challenge is we need to ask for help – and those who are willing, listen, give support with your time or money. Even help find resources for people.

Your question needs to be “How can I serve?”


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  1. Leatha Medna
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    Mari-Lyn you did such a great job on this article, I think people in San Diego especially do not realize the meaning of being hoemeless. As a person who was homeless living in a van when I was in first grade remember that time so clearly, especially the freezing nights during winter huddled together with my Mom, Stepdad and sister. I will never forget that Christmas, or the treatment I received at school and/or family. I will do what it takes to help others in need.

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