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Building a Community

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Building a community is like a tree, when you co-create, or join a group that supports your passion like Food 4 Social Change does, then everyone will learn and support each other.

I really painted this tree as a visual, so show you how our businesses and communities work. It’s also a view point in how we are creating a community with our beliefs, our mission our intentions. Our community is only as strong as we build it. By starting to plant the seeds of developing and nurturing relationships with people we can come together to celebrate, to share and learn from one another.

If you look at the colors you might think that “The colors are weird for a tree.” However, they represent all the actions I started to do a couple of years ago of reaching out to people to get to know them and how I can support them. To help them move forward in their own business or finding work or getting clients or hooking them up with people and resources that will hale them. The colors of this tree also represent, the avenues that support my vision for Food 4 Social Change. Kindness, Co-creating/collaborating, Food, Inspiration and Community.

I was listening to a call of which John Jantsch was sharing the new wave of marketing what it is and what more people are seeking. It’s this idea of building a community of people who so believe in what you are doing they opt-in into your community. Whether it’s a group on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, whatever would serve your business and where your audience hangs out is where you want to be.

 John Jantsch, shared the 5 types of content that every business and community needs to create:

  1. Content that builds trust
  2. Content that educates
  3. User-generated content
  4. Other people’s content
  5. Content that coverts

Out of these 5 types of content, you can create your own tree and deliver it to your community. You also need to be willing to share other people’s content.

This is just one thing that frustrates me on Linkedin, everyone is pushing their content onto everyone else by posting their articles, when many times it has nothing to do with the group. It’s up to the Group Manager and the members of the group to call out the person/s who are doing this. Otherwise, the group will die.

What are you tips for building a community group?


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