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Inspiring Leaders – Jeff Klein

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In my quest to find other likeminded Social Change Agents or business owners who are embracing this new emerging trend.

I’ve started to interview other Inspiring Leaders. Being a Social Change Entrepreneur is not new, other than there are just more of us.

Jeff and I connected on LinkedIn, as I reached out to him to see if he would be willing to let me interview him. Here is our chat or interview as of today, January 11, 2013. He’s been doing this a very long time. I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Jeff Klein – CEO of Working for Good

Conscious marketing and business development company, working with the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Design, produce and facilitate Stakeholder Engagement Marketing™ campaigns.

His three tips:

1. What’s your purpose
2. Cultivate yourself, in other words take care of yourself
3. Have clarity in the message you are delivering



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