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Making Profits from the Kitchen

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Making Profits from the Kitchen, is a creation of Denay’s who helps people get the home based business laws changed.

I had a group on Facebook for HomeBased Bakers, as I was following the Home Cottage Law in Arizona. People like myself, when you are starting up, working out of your kitchen to start-up was much more cost effective in many ways. When I started my pie business I had to find a commercial kitchen to rent. It is not inexpensive. Plus, bake sales or fundraisers were illegal as well. This was just stupid. When your Grandma baked for a fundraiser at church, did you question where it was baked or made? No, we did not! It’s like the rule pendulum went too far to the left, it’s now coming back to the middle.

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You can find more information about Denay at:
Homebased Baking
It’s our goal to build a strong community of homebased bakers and home food processors. Allow the community to support you as you start and manage your home food business. Join in on the conversations, share ideas and network amongst yourselves. This is a great place to make some new friends!

Cottage Food Laws
There are currently twenty nine states that have active cottage food initiatives in motion. If you are interested in learning more about these cottage food movements, go to the website.

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