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Becoming a Social Change Agent

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Following Tommy Dionisio is the Chief Sustainability Officer, of Nuema and a Social Change Agent.

As I have been interviewing Social Change Leaders I have learned a lot from people. Take Timonthy Dionisio Chief Sustainability Officer of Neuma. He spent four years researching ethical, organic ingredients for their beauty products.

His wife is a blonde by choice and Tommy decided that it was time to find something else for women to use than would be better than the chemicals they use in salons. Thus Neuma was born.

I know how bad the chemicals are to bleach your hair blonde. My first sales job was selling beauty products, going into salon to salon selling supplies to them. If you have ever spent anytime in a salon you would know.

Remember, doing things the way they have been done before is a dangerous substitute for thinking. You pay with your life to become who you are…. make sure it was worth it.”

With a family to support he needed to find another way to get his products manufactured and out into the marketplace. He partnered up with a manufacturer to help him produce the products, as he didn’t have the cash investment to start his business. This has worked out very well for him.

I asked Tommy, “If he had any ideas or recommendations he would make for someone who wanted to get into doing what he was being a Social Change Agent?” These were his tips:

  1. Don’t start your business cash poor – you’ll need $100,000 + a years salary
  2. Work for someone else and learn the ropes
  3. Find your “White Space” – this space is who are you marketing to? If it’s not working change your expectations.
  4. Give yourself three years, learn how to execute and who’s going to buy what you have?

After his boys were heading off to college, his wife said she wanted to start her own business. She started a cafe. With her he said, we were able to do it right, by buying the land and building, she buys from local producers and is very successful.

Main Street Coffee House in Hallsville, East Texas for the BEST Latte in TX . (I’ve pre-ordered mine).

Tommy believes inviting people on a journey. While he was doing research he got involved in the Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards as he wanted Neuma to be a leader in the Organic marketplace.

If you are interested in getting some great beauty products or know more what you can do in your salon  visit   Neuma website.

OASIS – Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards 

Until next time..

Mari-Lyn Harris

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