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Benjamin the Garden Coach

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Benjamin is a Garden Coach, will help you to grow your own garden. He is the Founder of Grow Your Lunch

He primarily is working with schools to teach children about the earth, where food comes from, about working in a team, it’s really a teaching tool.

Grow Your Lunch
Mission:   Is to create successful gardens and gardening programs in diverse cultural economic and ecological contexts.

I spoke to Benjamin Eichorn on the phone the other day, I caught him in-between classes as he was teaching at a school garden. I wanted to know how he got started, about his journey and if he could give some tips for someone just starting out.

He began on his on this father’s farm and orchard, he has lived and breathed the farm life. He received a scholarship to go University and worked in their orchard as he knew how to prune trees. After graduating, he travelled the world a bit and returned back to San Francisco, California to set up a business on teaching and consulting people about growing a garden. He loves working with kids, by showing them what  they can do, why it’s so important to have a garden.

He’s young, he’s proud of what he is doing now..still helps his dad prune the orchards, or friends orchards if they need help. Benjamin continues to hone in his skills, has mentors, he suggests that you observe and know that you’ ll make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and move on.

Currently, Benjamin is coaching and teaching at school gardens and tends  up to 20 gardens that he works with. He firmly believes that we all ought to have a garden even if it’s on the patio and it re-connects you back to the land, no one should go hungry there is always plenty vegetables to go around. He said, “He would rather eat Kale all year round than go to the store and buy old produce.”

Got a question about your garden?
Benjamin with answer your questions about your garden. I read some great answers to the questions like how do you get rid of slugs, about bees and when to turn over a garden. Go to this page for answers.

Here’s some recommendations from Benjamin:

  • Many people will tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, the final answer is yours.
  • Listen to optimistic people.
  • You must be passionate about what you are doing, as this will keep you going.
  • Get professional help when you need or want it.
  • Don’t spend your money until you have it
  • Be confident and believe in yourself
  • Tap into local networks..
  • Be open to mentor other people.

I enjoyed speaking to Benjamin about his business..Much success to you!


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