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Farm to School Gardens

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Farm to School Gardens are becoming a fabulous program to teach children about where food comes from and to eat better.

The National Farm to School Network sprouted from the desire to support community-based food systems, strengthen family farms, and improve student health by reducing childhood obesity. Read more about their program at Edible SchoolYard.

This video is about the National Farm to School Network

This is a great story, do read it.
The Men of China Hill, by Matt Hahn
One doesn’t usually see hills within prison walls. Prisons are customarily built upon flat ground. This allows the surrounding gun towers to have a clear, steady line of sight upon the perimeter, ensuring a clear shot towards any desperate convicts who might choose to make a break for the wall. Folsom Prison, unique in so many ways, is perhaps the only prison in America to have a hill within its walls. Called China Hill, it sits nestled within the Western bend of Folsom’s granite walls, peering down upon the compound below.

Ecotrust’s Farm to School Program, in close collaboration with a diverse coalition of partners, works to increase the variety and availability of healthy, regionally sourced foods served at school, stabilize markets for regional food producers, and give children a sense of where their food comes from. Our work focuses on projects at a range of levels — national, regional, state, and local — that are upstream, innovative, and likely to have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts.

The idea of moving back to the basics, of farming, growing your own garden. This is what is happening with Farm to Schools. As My interview with Ben..he said, it’s very enriching to see children getting in touch with Mother earth. Read the interview..

Social change can occur slowly, as the result of a cultural shift, or quickly, as the result of a natural disaster or change in public policy. Organizations can play a role in influencing both cultural shifts and public policy.

I encourage you to get involved in your local community, if there is an empty lot get it converted into a community garden.

To your health!


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