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How can we Disrupt the Food Industry?

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Many new organic food companies are doing it, let’s see how we can disrupt the food industry.

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Kirsten founded Revolution Foods in 2005 with Kristin Groos Richmond, to provide equal access to healthy food for all school children. Kirsten continues to drive the vision and product experience for the company, overseeing innovation, marketing and human capital among other key aspects of the business.

For the last seven years, we’ve been on a mission to provide access to healthy, nutritious meals to school kids across the country. On December 12th, Revolution Foods will prepare its 50 millionth meal! We couldn’t be more proud of this amazing accomplishment and we couldn’t have done it without the care, leadership and dedication of each and every one of our partners. We are humbled and inspired everyday by your efforts, and you continue to amaze us with your leadership, dedication and strength. As a result, we are at a place that we never would have thought possible seven years ago.

Farmigo is an online farmer’s market that connects food communities – such as workplaces, schools, apartment complexes and community centers – directly to multiple local farms to provide a personalized online marketplace for local, fresh-from-harvest food. The company is a certified B corporation that is accelerating the adoption of an alternative food system by making locally grown, fresh food available to more Americans. Originally founded in 2009 as cloud-based software system for farms to manage their CSA subscriptions, over the last three years Farmigo has provided technology to hundreds of farms in 25 states that are connected to more than 3,000 communities.
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About Bucky Box™
Bucky Box™ is a social enterprise that’s building the software behind a better food system.

In a nutshell, we’re working towards a world food system that is supportive of the collective long term health of all living systems.

We’re launching a challenge to get Local Food Distributors started & successful around the world. After months of chatting with Distributors around the world who were getting started, we kept hearing that it was hard getting through the startup phase. Not only did new businesses need the IT infrastructure to help them scale up, but they needed the capital to get started, profile to let their local community know they exist, small business support, and any hints & tips from other people’s experiences to give them the jump start they needed.

As I searched online for Disruptive Foodies or companies who are changing the face of food for consumers there are other factors to consider of which I will write about later.

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Mari-Lyn Harris

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    Organic food and balance diet rules can able to give a sound health and body. Fit body is essential for our happy and sound life though at present youth generation is conscious about their health. I think they have needed acquire enough knowledge in the field. Thanks!

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