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Recipes a Dollar on a Day

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Claudia Strasbaugh and her volunteers at Dinner on a Dollar, do a great job in posting recipes that you can make a meal for one or two dollars.

I was introduced to Claudia from Gary who I just met through LinkedIn. It’s amazing who you can meet through LinkedIn. Claudia and I have had a few conversations via the phone and email. Claudia said to me one day – “I just love what you are doing.” Let’s figure out a way to work together. I have found several ways. As everything comes together we’ll let you know.

Let me share how Claudia got started..she was in a grocery store and there was a gal who was trying to buy groceries for her kids, didn’t really have the money. This single mother that Claudia offered to help – started baby- sitting so this Mother could go to work and feed her kids.

Claudia, who had already raised her kids decided after this experience to start posting recipes for families who were on a budget could feed their families delicious meals, be frugal and nutritious.

Their Mission

During our two-year history, Dinner On A Dollar has continued to expand its information, offering educational dietary, nutrition, and shopping essentials as well as tips for receiving money saving coupons. In development today are new methods of creating nutritious tasty, low cost menus that do not require refrigeration. We work with caring retail food companies who offer surplus foods, items at the lowest cost, deep discounts and other resources, as well as food banks around our nation.

Just from her sharing her story with me I’ve been inspired to get started on some things that I really want to accomplish. Thank you Claudia for your inspiration.

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Thank you Claudia!


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