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Where to Find Seed Capital

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Where to find seed capital for your Social Change business, I found three places.


Slow Money

Slow Money is bringing people together around a shared vision about what it means to be an investor in the 21st Century:

It starts with the soil.
The soil teaches us that we must put back as much as we take out to ensure long term health and a strong, secure, restorative economy.

Life in the soil is all about diversity and regeneration, a large number of small organisms working together in a healthy system. When we erode our soil, we erode our social capital, we erode community. 

Entrepreneurs are the seeds .
In contrast to far-flung multi-national corporations and financial institutions that are too large to understand, small food enterprises are comprehensible. We live near them. We can connect to them directly. Their entrepreneurs are our fellow community members. They create jobs, promote cultural, ecological and economic diversity, and build robust local food systems. read more about Slow Money

Watch this video of what Woody Tasch has to say about Slow Money

If you really care about what you are eating now and in the future..donate to the Soil Trust Fund

If you eat you are an investor this is what Credibles says.

Hillside Supper Club is a neighborhood restaurant in San Francisco in the community of Bernal Heights. Our Supper Club is a social, casual gathering of people who enjoy eating and drinking, love good food, and like to meet new friends. Our vision is to produce simple, locally sourced, market driven, seasonal food, using, of course, proper cooking techniques. We will stay involved with Slow Food and other local food communities to share food and nutritional education with others, especially the next generation of children read more 


In the United States, the microenterprise development field and its trade association, The Association of Enterprise Opportunity AEO, have defined a microenterprise as a business with five or fewer employees. Many of these businesses have no employees other than the self-employed owners. Additionally, such microenterprises generally need less than $35,000 in loan capital and do not have access to the conventional commercial banking sector. Most organizations in the field also focus their services on those microentrepreneurs who, as defined by federal government standards, are low-to-moderate income. By definition, most of these entrepreneurs are minorities, recent immigrants, women, disabled or for other reasons have special challenges that reduce their ability to access traditional credit and other services.

The Reinvestment Fund

When people have limited choices where they can live, learn and work, their community faces decline. But enrich and expand those choices, and suddenly the community prospers, with exponential results.

TRF invests in opportunities that lead to quality choices for families and communities. We underwrite the infrastructure for continued economic growth. Get more information

Small Business Association SBA also provides Microloans – Get more information here.

Support your local Entrepreneurs..by sharing this article and donating.


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    Deep meaningful dealing on social economics and business pattern! Day by day business pattern has been changing so moderate and flexible business holders are get success easily. Actually food factor depend on economical condition. Well and sound economics reflect a standard living condition.

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