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Get Ready to start a Garden

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While searching for tools and ways to get ready to start a garden, I discovered Gardens for Humanity and several other resources.

Permaculture is it’s original name, humans cannot flourish without eating. Permaculture is based on these principles.

  1. Take care of the earth: Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply. This is the first principle, because without a healthy earth, humans cannot flourish.
  2. Take care of the people: Provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence.
  3. Share the surplus: Healthy natural systems use outputs from each element to nourish others. We humans can do the same. By governing our own needs, we can set resources aside to further the above principles.

 Gardens for Humanity are available in most cities and towns..

Gardens for Humanity helps individuals, groups, and schools put in vegetable gardens. Often, beginning a garden is the most labor intensive aspect of gardening. Once a garden is started, many individuals and/or groups can take over. Gardens forHumanity reaches out to those who need a hand getting their gardens started, whether it involves financing or the actual physical work.  Gardens for Humanity encourages people to get reconnected with the land, grow their own food, become more self-reliant and to do so in an environmentally-friendly way.

There are many growing systems to help you grow your own on a patio or deck. A friend of mine bought this system, I’ll follow up with her in the fall and see how she did with it. Juice Plus is distributing the Tower Garden.

Tower Garden® Growing System

Tower Garden Growing System comes with everything you need to start growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home—including our specially formulated Tower Tonic® plant food and gourmet seeds.

This aeroponic 5-feet-tall vertical garden allows you to grow up to 20 plants in less time than it takes in soil. And it can be placed almost anywhere outside, in any relatively sunny place —needing only about a 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet area.

The system includes:
Tower Garden vertical aeroponic garden, Seeds for growing gourmet lettuce, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, basil, and cucumber (see list of other things you can grow) for more information

I found this site, the gal shows you via a video of setting up your own vertical garden. Step by Step by using a recycled pallet.

If you do a YouTube search there are many videos as well in how you can get started.

I’ll share more resources with you..if you have something you are using now please share it below in the comments. Thanks!

Mari-Lyn Harris

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  1. cirulibrothers
    | Reply

    Most handful information is here about the Seeds for growing gourmet lettuce, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, basil, and cucumber which helps me a lot to makes a garden.

  2. Denver patios
    | Reply

    I have a vegetable garden and it really helps a lot especially if I want to eat salad. It also gives me a healthy living and I'm really feel good today.

  3. Vertical Gardens
    | Reply

    Save space and grow your veggies on walls using planting panels the way to go.

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