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Join the Marketing Cooperative for Social Change Entrepreneurs

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Since launching Food 4 Social Change, people read about what we are going to accomplish and now you can join the Marketing Cooperative with Food 4 Social Change.

Pumpkin in the garden

Let me do some clarifying, until I have the partners, collaborators together to get started in having multiple Kitchen Incubators going..I also firmly belief that Food 4 Social Change is a much bigger company that provides topics for discussion that feeds our soul, feeds our minds feels us so that we can hang onto our dreams. There are so many people I know, me included that have these BIG visions and dreams, we are doing multiple things to pay the rent, maybe it’s our phone bill or it’s just to help us to stay focused.

Food 4 Social Change, is offering a Marketing Co-operative with a Membership with us. It’s a way to help Foodies and their food product and services to keep a community of liked-minded together. When we are together we will accomplish more.

Yes, there are things that a group or community can’t help you with..isn’t nice to know that when you need help we aren’t that far away to catch you.

When I read about Entrepreneurs who finally achieve their dreams, I say you are the Hero. Starting a business, or working to fulfill your visions or dreams and keep persisting even when you find yourself lost or what’s the point.

How can Food 4 Social Change help you now?

There are many things that need to get done..we are here to offer you support services in the areas of Marketing, Social Networking, PR, lend a hand if you are stuck, brainstorm ideas, provide resources or source them out to you. This all comes with your membership. Extra support is available to you as well if you need individual care for a fee.

I know from running my own food business, the extra pair of hands to promote me, or have access to resources or services would have gratefully benefitted me. I didn’t know who to call.

Give us a ring and let’s see how we can help you expand or launch.

Mari-Lyn Harris

Call us at: 928-274-1002 or fill out this form

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