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Are you Aware of the Home Cottage Laws?

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Most people are not aware of the Home Cottage Laws. Are you a baker? Did you know you may qualify to bake at home?

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It depends what state you are in and what you do. These laws have come into play to help micro-businesses get started. It also eliminates the biggest costs for a baker the commercial kitchen hourly rate. The rates usually start anywhere from $20.00 and up. Your space still be limited even if you find a kitchen to rent. I was excited to find a kitchen finally until the manager of the kitchen said it would be $1,800. per month and it didn’t matter how often I used it. Another kitchen came up and they only wanted $1,400. for using their restaurant kitchen. The challenges are the times you can rent their space..does it suit your business or just the rental place?

Denay, has been the forerunner in keeping us updated with who’s coming on board and what states are now adopting a Home Cottage Law. I did interview Denay when I first got started with Food 4 Social Change. you’ll find more information on her site Home Cottage Law website.

The Best Home Cottage Laws
The best cottage food law would encompass a number of attributes which would first include the ability to make an unlimited income. The whole point of going into business is to make money. Of course we want to provide our family with a good source of income and give them the things they need to live a health, meaningful life, and we may even want to help the economy, provide goods superior goods and services to members of our community and even participate in the “greening” of America, but when the day ends and all is said and done, as any wise business owner knows, we want to make money!Which cottage food state has the best cottage food law? The answer is simple, any cottage food state that allows you to process the food product you want to sell, from your home kitchen, with limited rules and regulations, allowing you to prepare, non-hazardous food products that can be sold in the manner of your choosing, allowing your to make as much revenue as possible so you can support and maintain a lifestyle providing your family with all their needs. read more

I was having coffee with friends, and of course if you aren’t in the food business how would you know anything about the Home Cottage Laws? It’s so important to get the word out about them. Just like any other business, these laws are important to help boost our economy and to help people make a living. The food industry in one of the seven top industries that support and employ the most people.

We all love to eat, right?

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  1. Dexter Bosque
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    Really , you have posted a such kind of handy discussion which will be very useful to me as well. I will come to you to know the content which will be very useful to me because you have discussion on about the Home Cottage Laws.

    • Mari-Lyn Harris
      | Reply

      Thanks Dexter..what is your experience with the Home Cottage Law?

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