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Can your $1 contribution create a Big Business?  

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Crowdfunding is the latest way to get your business or project funded. Can your $1 contribution create a Big Business?  YES, with crowdfunding.


I attended a VLab event yesterday, it was very interesting. Interesting to the fact that even from other talented people and Founders how much one can learn and apply ideas and concepts in your own business. This Founder’s Lab is by invite only. I was happy that they accepted Food 4 Social Change, since it’s not a techie or engineer product or service.

On VLab’s website this video presentation is about Crowdfunding and the challenges and benefits these platforms are growing businesses and our economy.

$1.5 billion in 2011, crowdfunding is set to double this year.  Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunded 60,000 projects:  Half of the cash came as donations, while the other half came as an exchange for creative rewards or future product.

Now that the JOBS Act lets startups exchange Equity-for-Cash up to $1M per year, implementation will prove interesting.  Crowdfunding has vined its way through informal social networking sites, and these continue to fuel the rapid growth of this new economic engine.

Start Some Good is another Crowdfunding platform.

It doesn’t matter if you are a charity or not, what we care about is if you’re creating a better future for your community. You can be a non-profit, for-profit, unincorporated group or any other status. We support all types of groups, including unincorporated and pre-incorporated ones.

Perhaps! We believe that artistic expression and access to the arts is absolutely a social good. So if your project is participatory in nature, for example if you’re teaching arts skills or giving a marginalized group the chance to express themselves through the arts, or if you’re creating a free arts festival or touring arts performances to places who don’t usually have access to it, then we’d love to support you. Equally if you are using the arts as an advocacy or philanthropic tool, for example by creating a documentary about an issue or raising funds to produce an album for charity, that’s awesome and completely welcome on StartSomeGood. If however your focus is just on your own artistic practice and you want to raise funds to put your (non-social issue focused) play on or release your book, then you are probably better served by other crowdfunding platforms.

Mashable posted an article on Crowdfunding platforms.

Food 4 Social Change will be seeking fund through Crowdsourcing to get us going so we can help you. When we work together, we can make a difference. Stay Tuned!

Mari-Lyn Harris

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