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Shameless Capitalists

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Six years ago, a group of friends got together to figure out how we could advance our causes. We called ourselves Shameless Capitalists.

Back then, people thought we were politicians, we said NO, we are working on advancing our causes, let me define a Shameless Capitalist for you:

Brazen, bold, having or showing no shame in being kind in their business practices, honest values what they stand for; modest or decent, fearless; confident; a courageous leader. They are in business for a profit while giving back, resourceful, kind; will do the right thing for the right reasons.”

It’s similar to a Social Change Entrepreneur, who values people, who wants to make a difference in this world, or even want to change the world. Together we recognize that when we work together we do great things.

I’ve has some great opportunities to work with people who are doing just a few small things that have rippled out to the world and the marketplace. It’s funny, as I look back on the goals the group of people were working on in 2007 they are the same as where I am today.

A Marketing Co-operative..A Member is one who values and appreciates working in a collaborative environment. Knows that working together in strategic harmony, everyone wins.

Get this, one of my goals was to raise $1 Million dollars to take Kindness through a IPO. I met with lawyers who said it couldn’t be done, because there is no actual product. Well, what if it was a service? What if…the final answer was NO!

It’s six years later..the idea I believe is still possible. Especially with the new technology an app that is about kindness. I did find one re-mindful, except I wasn’t able to contact the owner of the app to get more information.

Do you consider yourself a Shameless Capitalist?

I believe we become one, when we are presented with a Y on the road of life, perhaps you end up in a transition in your life; or something tragic happens, or you just decide that something has been urging inside of yourself for sometime and you just decide that you MUST do something.

If you are anything like me, you’ll discover many things you want to do, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. In 2011, I closed a pie business as my ex-husband didn’t want to support me doing it anymore and I really needed some seed capital to grow it much Bigger.

I moved to a much bigger city, decided to re-launch Sedona Pies… still wish for seed capital for a commercial kitchen, to be able to hire people to help me grow it to be much bigger than it was. Sometimes timing is needs to be right, to have your “IDEA” to run smooth. Each road leads us to a different direction and let me remind you the road is never direct it’s a winding one. Whatever road you take, is perfect for you to take.

Food 4 Social Change is to really about supporting Shameless Capitalists in their businesses and causes bigger than where they are now. The concept of a Marketing Cooperative still rings with me it’s like a combo of an incubator and cooperative.

My question for you is: “Are you ready to be a Shameless Capitalist?”

Mari-Lyn Harris

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