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Are you ready to fix the world?

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“The Fix The World Organization” (FTW) will provide the essential services necessary to implement planet changing projects and then use the profits from these projects to fund other humanitarian projects that help the needy and heal the planet.

Naima Feagin, MBA is the CEO and Founder

Fix the World in on GoFundme to raise money for their project. We will do this by operating with integrity, honesty and transparency under a set of directives we call the “The New Paradigm Business Model”.

In the past year, our organization has raised close to 13,000 in donations that we have used to build our organization to where it is today and create a documentary film to be released in the next couple of weeks that is sure to bring a tremendous amount of publicity and additional support from the public. Please be sure to visit our website at Their website

Watch a short video about their project.

This film is packed with heart felt power. It is centered around the voices of the people of this planet and strives to present not only the REAL problems we all face, but the suppressed solutions that are available to us if we all take action. We are exposing A LOT in this film, and the people are ready for this! There are many brave film producers who expose corruption, and we have done this too. We strive to take this a step further and also expose the solutions so that people are left with the hope and inspiration to do something about it.

Another Social Change Entrepreneur in the making..

Mari-Lyn Harris

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