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How can Food 4 Social Change Benefit You?

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One of the many ways of Food 4 Social Change is going to help you as a business owner is to grow your business.

A few months ago a gal that I knew what to go out and be a speaker, because of her exceptional talent and message, I had asked her if she reached out to the local churches that would love to hear her message. Her response was no. She didn’t see any point of it.

The point is you want to build where you have support in your community. If your community is online start there. Where are your customers? Where do they need the help the most?

When I was thinking of Food 4 Social Change, I was thinking how can it benefit the most people? Who will get the message? Who would want what I have to offer?

Many years ago when I was a business coach for new start-ups, the biggest thing that people really wanted help with was Marketing and support to grow their businesses. Twenty years later not much has changed. Some people know what they want, just don’t know where to go for the help. Where are the resources? How can I find what I want?

The Cooperative Model is meant to build and grow a community of other business owners, it will help us to grow together, in a collaborative model. Yet, your business is your business. There are many benefits for being a part of a cooperative. Yes, it takes a large amount of money to lease a building, to start a cooperative..wouldn’t you rather be a part of something that can grow and have a long term return of your investment?

There are many different kinds of Cooperatives. Food 4 Social Change’s goal is to be a Multi-Staked Cooperative where we serve as a Business Cooperative representing you. A cooperative is a business identity of it’s own. It’s like being a member of the Chamber of Commerce..only you own a share of it. You get to prosper by having a share in it. Each member gets 1 share, 1 vote.

Many people start a business to create an income for themselves, yet they are faced with setting up the books, trying to figure out how to get customers, what’s the best marketing they can do for their boot strapping business, how to figure out the HR issues you now have to do, how can you afford to get health benefits at a reasonable cost. When do you think you’ll have the time to do all this? By being a member of a Cooperative this will resolve some of your challenges.

What kind of benefits will you gain from being a member of Food 4 Social Change?

  • Sustainable economic opportunities
  • Giving back and create social change
  • Have help and support by reducing the stress of running your own business by yourself
  • Financial rewards –
  • Pooling resources
  • Have a viable business for the long haul
  • Health Benefits
  • Leadership development
  • HR support for workplace hazards and abuses
  • Educational classes and workshops
  • Marketing support and help
  • Voting rights at the annual meetings
  • Over the long term your investment/membership will grow into receiving a yearly dividend
  • Networking and making connections
  • Buying and selling power

If this is something you would be ready to join..then fill out the membership form. Yearly membership is $300.00 – it’s only $25.00/ month. Payment options available. Membership is non-refundable.

Let us help you to grow..this is where social change happens.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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