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What nourishment are you giving?

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What nourishment are you giving and providing to yourself and your community? Food 4 Social Change is about Food, Spiritual, Kindness and all the things that will help us to be better human beings.

When we look after ourselves we can share more and give back. Giving back or paying it forward isn’t a one time thing.

Community love

When we embrace all of who we are then no matter what happens we can completely love and accept ourselves. When we do this, then it’s easier to spread ourselves and love around.

What kind of nourishment are you giving yourself?

  • Some peace and quiet
  • Writing time
  • Cooking and eating healthier and better
  • Enjoying life
  • Giving yourself permission to enjoy a dessert
  • Stretching and exercise
  • Meditation time
  • Praying time
  • Time with your partner and family
  • Volunteering

What nourishes you? What feeds your body, mind and soul? There are different kinds of nourishment – personal, business and community, more and more people want more of each of this categories. How do we give them to ourselves?

By learning to plant seeds..it’s like a new habit. When you grow a garden the seeds are planted and anywhere from 2- 6 weeks you’ll have a harvest of what you planted. Then you get to reap the vegetables or whatever you planted in your garden. Think of you life like a garden.

What seeds are you planting in your life to have more of what you want? How are you fulfilling your dreams, your inner urgings? God has a plan for you, you have a purpose in this moment of time how are you moving yourself forward to really reap big?

I know for myself, I was really going BIG in 2000 – pioneering Kindness in the workplace..which Kindness was very effective it creating workplace wellness, productivity, a happier place to be and want to work at. The companies would have the benefits of more profits, team building and more community engagement. Many of the old boy networks did like this new kid on the block because there was a voice speaking up for people. Employees were in fear if they spoke up about changes they wanted to have happen. They were looking to the management team to be their leader.. Yes, I was going to be BIG. In many ways I put a dent. In many ways I didn’t win. Who really knows in what kinds of Kindness spouted out like a ripple. I know for those who were ready, a difference was made.

What do you want to change?

Are you willing to play BIG or stay small? If you are ready to play BIG, I invite you to join Food 4 Social Change’s Cooperative. As every member has a vote so you can make a difference in your own life and those in your community. Once again I am leading..calling my colleagues for action, asking you to join me as together, we’ll make a BIG difference. Fill out the membership form, we’ve got work to do.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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