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Why Homelessness Scares Us

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What makes us so scared about being homeless? The unknown. It also makes the people who care about us to be uncomfortable, so they avoid us.


If people are near being homeless because a loss of their home, foreclosure, a end of a marriage, most of the time it is not by choice people end up homeless. for those of you, who beg to differ don’t be so quick to judge.

What does homelessness got to do with Food 4 Social Change? There are several things that we can change socially..food for thought. Have you ever thought about this life situation. What would you do? Where would you go? If you qualify there are resources..local communities are starting movements to help solve this problem.

What would you do if you found yourself homeless?

Homelessness is the same idea as if you are moving a church and don’t know where you are going, you don’t have a job, without an address it is hard to get work. When we find ourselves in this point in our life you really find out who your friends are. The people that will help you the most are strangers who will show you a way, a place to crash will help you in anyway they can. If your plan A, B, or C fails the best thing you can do for yourself is just to surrender and let God, let The Universe support you.

It’s been a BIG lesson for me, learning to TRUST.

When we find ourselves in the depths of homelessness, it’s time to surrender, let God the Universe whatever you want to call “IT,” it’s time to give your life over. God is the best Net-worker and can connect you to people of whom can help you move forward. This is what scares us the most – to place our trust in the greater power.

Whatever you do don’t give up..just keep asking “What’s next!”

Find a church community that feels good for you. You may think you can do this thing on your own, you can’t. Your confidence, self-esteem took a big hit. The fellowship at church will help you to get through another week. Everything will get better.. begin to say Thank you – even you want to scream – or ask Why me!!??

Start writing down 5 things every night what you are grateful for. It could me just the simple things like someone gave you a bed to sleep in, you got a hot shower, you got a hot meal, someone what willing to have a conversation with you, someone took you to the food pantry or drove you somewhere that you needed to go, or suggested some resources that may help you.

Volunteer while you seek work, even if you just jump in and help at your church.

Bank to my topic “Why homelessness scares us.” It’s the unknown that scares us.

I found this film trailer, their cause is to feed the hungry. The real power of SUGAR is in the social campaign that it will support. We want to raise enough support, money and passion to give away TEN THOUSAND FREE MEALS to homeless youth, while releasing SUGAR as widely as possible, raising awareness for this amazing cause.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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