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Living on Purpose

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When I arrived here in SF, Ca, I knew I came to launch Food 4 Social Change, would be my living on purpose.


I knew what I want to do with it, I’ve just have been having trouble putting it together or to have a great message or story to tell.

There are so many avenues to offer and spend my energy on, so I decided to re-launch Sedona Pies as a way to get started with it. Soon, I realized that I have 3 blogs, 3 of everything and I just couldn’t figure out how I could merge everything together under one umbrella. Heart@Work, has been my main focus up until now. It’s been about Marketing, Social Media, Relationships and adding Kindness as this is why I started Heart@Work in the 1st place.

Food 4 Social Change is about Kindness, it’s about, looking at all things differently. Spiritual Inspiration, how Kindness plays a role in our lives. What keeps up inspired and motivated. How can Food 4 Social Change be a driving force of all of this and be present in food making a difference as well?

I was reading a Unity booklet about Living on Purpose – really creating a life I would love. or anybody for that matter. There are several short stories in how to do this.

One of them is written by Tama J Kieves she says “Our Divine Assignment is doing work we love.” Tama has written a book about how we can make the shift in claiming the life we want to have. There are five focuses about her book.

1. It take a intermission to find a mission. Taking time out, walk, journal, meditate or pray to hear our inner guidance.
2. Honoring our crazy Love. If we really want to get serious in finding something, then we need to look for the aliveness within us. Seek things we fall in love with. Not about what can we make money at.
3. Trade in your label for a ticket. Transition is hard to be in. It’s like being in the hallway you really aren’t sure where the next step is. The ticket is something that can go anywhere, a label helps you to stay in one place.
4. Only the tender can breed the fierce. The best thing about this journey of transition, is that we are learning to quit abusing ourselves, we are learning to nurture ourselves. Self-Love is our responsibility if we want our gifts to be recognized to the world.
5. Just start dancing and the band will find you. There is no right or wrong way to go, God know the best way. The power resides inside of ourselves. “You can’t plan an inspired life, You will never know the way, but the way know the way.” Put your love in action and it will go where it needs to go.

Tama J. Kieves left her practice to write. Best-selling author of “This Time I Dance!” Creating the work you love. Tama is a speaker and career coach. you can get more information at www.thistimeidance.com

What I liked about her short story is that, Food 4 Social Change is evolving and I have figured out how to merge everything together. I don’t want to feel I have to keep writing on three (3) blogs. I want to be able to spend time engaging in conversations, write and make a difference. My adventure awaits and it is unfolding before me each day.

My take away is: Don’t get caught up in the everyday things of what people are doing or not doing. Live your life from the space of Love. Share your light, we all want it.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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