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Say Yes on I-522

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Say Yes no I-522, this bill is asking that our food is labelled, even with GMO ingredients or not. We only have until Tuesday November 5th to vote.


This bill is so important, if we are really going to start being healthy, our votes tell Washington what we want as consumers. If only takes 1 vote to take us to win.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, the largest donor to the NO on I-522 campaign, has illegally concealed more money than any other group ever accused of violating Washington’s campaign finance laws.

The opposition continues to pound the airwaves with lies as they try to scare voters into voting against I-522. Don’t let them scare you into inaction.

The OCA, is the Organic Consumers Association, their fund just wired the campaign another $50,000 to run new ads, bringing our cash donations since the start of the campaign to $800,000.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps dug deep to contribute an additional $500,000, bringing the company’s total contribution to a mind-boggling $2.3 million. You have just five more days to reach voters. And they need your help. Please consider donating or making phone calls between now and November 5.

The crooks and liars who are spending record amounts of money to keep you in the dark are desperate. Because they know that this battle, I-522, will be a deciding one.

Thank you for all you’ve done so far. And thank you for doing just a little more between today and next Tuesday.

Here’s some ways to get involved, the Say Yes website will share more information in how to get involved.

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Send the biotech companies, Big Food and factory farms a strong message: Consumers will not stop fighting until we have the right to know what’s in our food! Donate here.

When the Bronner family, founders of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, decided to commit to passing I-522, the Washington State GMO labeling initiative, they did it in a big way. This one small family-owned business has spent an astonishing $2.3 million to pass a GMO labeling law in Washington State. Thank you Bonner Founders!

Stay up to-date with this very important bill. Organic Consumers Association.

Join me in sharing, donating raise your voice with your vote.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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