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The Good Life Movement

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Another great experience of having a conversation with a new LinkedIn connection. Was told about the good life movement.

I hopped over to their website to check it out. I just had to share this with you..

Good Life Project™ is a movement. A set of shared values. A community. A creed, bundled with a voracious commitment to move beyond words and act. First, as a manifestation of your soul. And then as a quest to have the adventure of a lifetime, and to leave the world around you changed.

It’s about building an extraordinary life, deeper relationships and meaningful bodies of work, businesses and movements. It’s about becoming a creator, a leader, a mentor, a giver, a doer. It’s about telling a story with your life that you’d want to read and share.GoodLifeProjectCreed
Like this? Learn to build a better life at Good Life Project.

I hope you check it out..maybe next time there will be more than 15 spots to even do a weekend.

Mari-Lyn Harris

P.S. I decided not to shut down the website for now.

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