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Food manufacturers are a key component of any City’s economy with many success stories. This sector has been a source of steady growth in the local economy since the recession; in 2011, food manufacturers have generated an estimated $2.9 billion in sales in New York.

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New York City’s approximately 1,000 food manufacturing businesses employ over 14,000 individuals, often in jobs that offer well-paying opportunities to low-skilled workers.

We are collaborating in getting a Kitchen Incubator launched. I’ve had several people say – YES, we want to get involved so we are working on our 1st general meeting to establish a Steering Committee.

It’s for Food Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Churches and Volunteers who would like to see a Kitchen Incubator in the Hayward area. 

This project is proposing to offer:
+ Culinary skills training for the homeless, ex-cons and youth at risk
+ Kitchen rentals
+ Catering services
+ Cafe / Bakery
+ Entrepreneur training to launch food businesses
+ Other food related services…

If  New York city can have the success of economic growth, then why not Hayward, CA?

Mari-Lyn Harris

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    Would like to participate with food 4 social change’s great vision! pls add me to the mailing list and keep me in the loop.


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