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Healing the World with Moringa

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Can we possibly collaborate by healing the world with Moringa? Through nutrition, clean water and it can eliminate many of the dis-eases in the world.


Recently connected with Greg Marsh, Founder BYKA Group who is working with several country wide programs for Uganda, DRC, Zambia, and several others in Kenya, India and trying to setup in Nepal. They are 100% volunteer organization and is shown to be sustainable.

In the USA they’ve have been working to try to setup Expert Gardener programs for youth offenders and from a very personal view Greg has been trying to find a way to help the vets who are starving and are having difficulty with society. Greg feels that the food fodder system they use helps groups reduce the dependence on charity by providing a valuable product that can be sold direct to supporters who are often asked to donate.
One project Greg is working on to get off the ground in Canada or USA or both is the exporting of bulk Moringa from Africa. He is apposed to the “pill” industry that is currently used – one it is far too expensive and only makes a few rich and the benefits are no where near as high. Moringa has huge benefits for humans and animals and is just one of several natural products that can be used to benefit a wide population base.

At the heart of their programs is the move to provide the highest organic nutritional value that we can. In Ghana for example we are looking to have the food system provide the ingredients for a community kitchen – the fodder system will boost the quality of the eggs and chicken meat and all waste that could possibly result in dengue fever locations will be converted to compost. For more information about Greg’ Mars organization http://gregmars3.wix.com/byka#!home/mainPage

While on my search to know what Moringa is about I found a Discovery Channel video about this tree. Watch the video.

I also spoke to Rodney over at Moringa Farms out of Sherman Oaks, CA about where he gets his Moringa supply from and how he got started with selling Moringa. Rodney said, he has suppliers in Mexico and India.

Moringa Powder is our main product. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acid. It makes a pleasant cold or hot tea with just a ½ tsp per cup. It keeps well without refrigeration. A pound should last you 4-6 weeks with regular use. You can also add to smoothies and blended drinks for extra nutrition. Some even put in salads, soups and stews.

The idea is that if we use this Super Food if you will, than can start healing all of us, we could rid our worlds malnutrition problems. There has been much research about the Moringa tree over the past ten years.

The Moringa Farms Mission
You won’t find another business in the United States with more comprehensive knowledge on the use, sale, and growth of our primary focus — the Moringa Oleifera Tree. To read more about the Moringa and it’s other resources:

Another website about Moringa

If you have tried out Moringa please leave a comment below and share your experience.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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