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Micro Businesses are bigger than you think..

Bigger than what you think

With the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, AEO embarked on a two-year study to build the data and the evidence base that documents the economic impact of microbusiness in the United States. This report, Bigger than You Think: The Economic Impact of Microbusiness in the United States, is one of a series from that research.

The Power of One in Three, “if one in three Main Street microbusinesses hired a single employee, the United States would be at full employment.” This statement has taken the nation by storm, yet many did not fully recognize the transformative nature of U.S. microbusiness. AEO’s current research details the potential of microbusiness by examining the characteristics of microbusiness types and exploring the ways in which microbusinesses can take advantage of non-standard work arrangements and recent technological advances.

Bigger Than You Think – The Economic Impact of Microbusiness in the United States about Micro-businesses and why they are bigger than what you think.

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There is some great information about California Enterprise Microbusiness Association also known at CAMEO on this page.

Their mandate is “SUPPORT START-UP MICROBUSINESS, BUILD WEALTH AND CREATE STRONG CALIFORNIA COMMUNITIES.” Our mission is to grow a healthy, vibrant, thriving environment for all entrepreneurs and start-up businesses by advancing the work of our statewide member network.

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There are many resources I have found online that you can get more information about Micro-Businesses.

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