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A Bold and Vibrant Community

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There is much to write about..the beginning for the Bold and Vibrant Business Community for Food Entrepreneurs, it got started on May 20, 2014.

Everyone really enjoyed everyone’s company and who and what we represent. Everyone is in for the vision of Food 4 Social Change. This is cool!

Until the kitchen is built, we are gathering the 3rd Tuesday of each month. If you want to be notified of the next meeting – fill out the form to your right.

Palto Alto work group presented a film, Friday May 23, 2014 “Arise,” it really was about women leaders who are doing their part in working towards saving the environment. It touched me, in a way to let me know that Mother Earth the Divine is calling to us to help her (the environment) to shift back to where we used to be.

What can we do?

**Convert your front or back lawn into a vegetable garden. Roof top gardens will help contain the heat / air in the building, great place for people to rest and work in the gardens. Did you know that during the war, 40% of the food that people ate, came from the vegetable gardens they planted.

**Start a Seed Bank or lending bank.

**Live honestly, responsible, honor mother earth.

I believe when we come together, support each other and co-operate with each other our dreams can come true.

The Kitchen Incubator is a place where we a building a community, a food hub where we can reach out and serve our local community. A place we Food start-ups can get help to start and launch.

If this speaks to you, come join us for our next meeting..let us know what you need and what you are willing to offer.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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