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The Adventures of Leasing

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The adventures and an update of leasing space for Food 4 Social Change’s Kitchen Incubator in San Leandro, CA. At the Gate, it’s a no go.

Social Change cloudThere were a couple of big challenges:

1. Trenching the parking lot for a grease receptor – Home Depot wasn’t too excited about this, since it would go behind their store.
2. Second, there wouldn’t be any parking for the Food Trucks. It was suggested to find another parking lot for them. This would not work for permitting purposes.

It’s too bad as I liked the energy of the space in what they wanted to create – a Makers or Manufacturing place. The Gate as of June 1, has launched a co-working space along with shared office space. You can call Cheryl over there to get the pricing. (415) 533-9990.

What’s next?

I have asked CBRE to help us find a warehouse to build out a Commercial Kitchen/Incubator this was a week ago already. No response.. There is a building in Hayward, used to be a Auto dealership. They have yet to get back to me about the possibility of leasing it.

“What does it take to find a warehouse 5,000+ square feet, room to park 10+ Food Trucks?” Needs to be on the ground floor. Nice to be near expressways, in an industrial park or an old Safeway?

Open to partner with churches or be our own stand-alone. Got a similar idea? Let’s chat to see if are ideas and values match..

Tim over at Pure Harvests – is interested in collaborating. If you would like to be a part of their program check out their website. He said, it’s better to collaborate rather than re-invent the wheel.
Pure Harvests
The PUREHARVESTS Producer of Distinction Farm to Market program now with grass-raised beef or local veggie production gives Local Farmers and Vendors a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work – the work done by the hands of our neighbors.

Building a Kitchen Hub/Business Community will be our focus as we seek a building. If you want to partner or collaborate with us, please leave a comment or call me.

Many of the people who attended the meeting, we just shared ideas, connections see what other people are doing in the food business. I was amazed at this meeting of how many partners/vendors there were and just a couple Food Entrepreneurs. Could just be the location. We all have agreed that Fremont isn’t the city to do a food business.

This is it. If you have something you want to share let us know. Thanks.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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