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How about a crowdsourcing restaurant?

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Perry Dube is driving a crowdsourcing restaurant and bar in Oakland. I met him at our Food Entrepreneur Business Networking group.

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The Oaktown Shire Project is a campaign for a bar and restaurant that will be located in the city of Oakland, CA with a targeted opening date in early 2016.

The campaign will take place throughout late 2014 and the majority of 2015. From the onset, The Oaktown Shire Project will focus upon making each and every customer feel as if they are a decision maker and have an impact on the way the business functions. The project will also look to capitalize on the culture and passion that defines the city of Oakland and its residents.

In a revolutionary fusion of campaign marketing and consumer participation, The Oaktown Shire Project will seek to use unique web content to spawn a national following for the campaign and will ideally lead to partial funding of the concept. The campaign will progress in a manner that keeps enthusiasts involved throughout by releasing the business plan in a series of stages. What will make this process unique is that those who follow the campaign will have the opportunity to decide certain aspects of what will compose the final plan by voting among a selection of choices on various topics, or sections, throughout the release of the plan. An example of an aspect that will be voted upon, and the content that we will produce to allow the voters to make as informed a decision as possible, is as follows:

The Composition of The Oaktown Shire’s menu: We will give our campaign followers the chance to decide the dishes that will make up our menu. The menu will be constructed in a manner that provides three meal options per day. The meal options will be different for each day of the week, but the weekly schedule will remain constant from week to week. With this in mind, the public will vote for the meals among 42 dishes (14 of which will be vegetarian, and 28 of which will be “anything goes”) to narrow the list down to the 21 dishes (1 vegetarian and 2 “anything goes” for each day of the week).

The dishes that they will be voting upon will all be inspired by Bay Area favorites. In the time leading up to the actual voting period, we will be releasing video profiles on each of the dishes being featured in our campaign. These videos will each contain two parts, the first of which will be a short clip profiling the original dish at the restaurant at which it is made, in a Food Network type manner, and the second of which will be our team making our version of the dish with a personal twist on it. With these videos, the campaign followers will have ample information to decide which dishes are their favorites and will then be able to make a confident voting decision.

This is just one example of the voting opportunities we will be affording to our followers. The public will also have the opportunity to vote on such elements as the beer selection, the promotions we will do, the pizzas that will be on the menu (we will be offering three pizza options per night in addition to the meals), and even the neighborhood within Oakland that the bar will be located in. As with the menu composition, each of the elements that will be voted on in these stages will be accompanied by a myriad of informative content.

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P.S.What a project, I really look forward in hearing how it progresses, if you want to be involved in this or know more:

Perry Dube
Campaign Director, The Oaktown Shire Project perry@oaktownshire.com Tel: 850.228.5383

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