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Tuesday Soup

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Tuesday Soup is a great way to come out to support your local community by simply giving a pledge or donation for a cause or an idea.

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It’s  a micro-granting dinner celebrating and supporting creative projects. For a donation or giving a pledge of $15 or more attendees receive a bowl of soup or salad, bread and a vote and hear from four presentations ranging from food, art, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and more. The idea is have a project that contributes to the local community and that will make a difference.

Each presenter has four minutes to share their idea and answer four questions from the audience. At the event, attendees eat, talk, share resources, vote on the project they think benefits the community the most.  At the end of the night, the ballots are counted and the winner goes home with 75% of the money raised from the ticket sales to carry out their project. Winners will come back to a future SOUP dinner to report their project’s progress. If you would like to present your idea please fill out this form.

Food 4 Social Change has been hosting business meetings for Food Entrepreneurs – as we look to find a building for a commercial kitchen in the South – East Bay. One of the ideas was to start growing a business community that will be bold and vibrant, as part of the vision.

Recently, I was at Marshall Child’s evening events, he was talking about the “99 ways that you can raise capital for your business.” Even though Marshall is more focused on IT, there are still many ways in which one can raise the money needed for new ideas and projects. As I listened, the idea of doing SOUP ( which by the way is a take-off from Detroit Soup). By the time I left that meeting I knew I needed to start this grass-roots way of raising money. A micro-raising dinner. Most people who have an idea only need $500 – $1,000 to get started.

There is also Slow Money for those who are producers of food, saving our agricultural land and it’s farmers. People just don’t know how important it is to save our land for food. Slow money supports food producers as the return is slow, however, there is a 98% pay-back on the loans.

Detroit Soup’s success started small and now it’s exploding in communities. From that first day through December of 2013, Detroit SOUP has facilitated the process of Detroiters raising $54,543.17 for 60 community projects. Just in 2013, we have helped eight Detroit communities start their own neighborhood SOUPs and have seen more than 4,000 people at dinners across the city. We are so excited to continue this work and empower others to do the same.

If you have resources or have a place that we can meet, you have contacts for food, bowls, cutlery please give Mari-Lyn a call. I would like to see these to be sustainable in cost and for the environment.

Are you able to help in these few ways?
+ Do you have dishes you would like to donate?
+ Do you have soup, salad or bread to offer?
+ Do you have an empty storefront or large space we can use?
+ Do you want to volunteer by helping to coordinate this?
+ Can you spread the work about this event to your friends?
+ Produce a video?

Tuesday, August 19 is at The Factory in San Leandro, CA

Register Today! “Tuesday Soup,” The 1st Tuesday Soup is on August 19, 2014.

Thank you for your time! I appreciate you!

Mari-Lyn Harris

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