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Facing Economic Challenges

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Writing this post, I discovered the hope and despair for people who are facing economic challenges for in our communities and for Food Entrepreneurs.

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Sometimes there just seems to be so much despair in some parts of of the country. Yet there just has to be something better don’t you feel like this sometimes?

There’s also much hope and possibilities.

Where can we start to move forward in resolving our economic despair? Shareable wrote a review group called the Jackson Connection The local community just decided that enough was enough they joined forces together with the local and global movements that existed in the world today, that centered on economic and government reform.

Jackson Connection’s Mission:
Building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed enterprises. Read more about this group.

With the realization that there wasn’t any real industry or manufacturing going on for them, Jackson Cooperation started forming cooperatives..what became a movement to change their economic situation as they have become the Mondragon of the South.

Their 1st major initiative is a Sustainable Communities Initiative. Several of their cooperatives include construction, farming, childcare, arts and culture.

Then I found Smart Growth America.

Smart Growth America advocates for people who want to live and work in great neighborhoods. We believe smart growth solutions support businesses and jobs, provide more options for how people get around and make it more affordable to live near work and the grocery store. Our coalition works with communities to fight sprawl and save money. We are making America’s neighborhoods great together.

After reading what Jackson Connection and Small Growth America is doing the values that Food 4 Social Change has, maybe the idea of a Kitchen Incubator is too small, maybe it’s meant to be BIGGER.

Someone said to me Food 4 Social Change, “The Vision is big”, I said “yes.” it’s big enough to grow into and out of.

This is what I inviting you to do if you are interested in joining Food 4 Social Change in the Kitchen Incubator and/or the Sustainable Community sign-up on a list.

If you are a Food Entrepreneur seeking a commercial kitchen, or a Food Truck seeking a kitchen to hang your hat, add your name to the Kitchen Incubator list.

I believe no matter how much despair or if you’ve had enough or you are passionate about making changes in your community, there is hope when we work together to solve our challenges.

If you are an activist a person who is just tired or has had enough of whatever despair you feel join the committee/movement for the Sustainable Community for South East Bay area add your name to the list.

Mari-Lyn Harris

I look forward in working with you..Together we are stronger.

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