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Let’s grow the Kitchen Hub

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Your support is very much appreciated please share the BUZZ campaign. Lets grow the Kitchen Hub and to gain members, reach out to our customers and other partners.

Please share our Buzz, thank you!

The kind of project that I envision for Food 4 Social Change doesn’t really exist, there are many kinds of variations. There are Food Hubs, Food Communities, Incubator services all without the commercial kitchen attached.

As one planning department suggested that I just become a catering company and go with this and add on other services as we go along. It’s like start small and build your way up. I’ve even considered being just a food truck. Guess what? Still need a kitchen. To acquire funding is taking longer than I anticipated..even though a couple of buildings have come up recently..still it’s up to us to build out the kitchen for the project to really work.

My thoughts of raising the capital, can we really make a bigger difference by being a coop?.

Should we become a cooperative? A Kitchen Hub Cooperative? This has been my last few thoughts. Cooperatives has been uprising, as they are starting to turn around the economy and it would likely be easier to raise the capital for the kitchen..looking at about $500,000.

Yes, this much, as there are permits, an architect to draw up the plans, someone to oversee the construction, kitchen equipment, furniture, alarm system, and all the other amenities this kind of Kitchen Hub would require. I keep getting reminded about how rich the state of California is. Is it really ready to support a kitchen hub that would create jobs, access to a kitchen that so many food entrepreneur need?

This video is about “How cooperatives are making a difference.”
John Restakis, Executive Director of the British Columbia Cooperative Association, shares modern examples from varying industries in different parts of the world that demonstrate the versatility and strength of the cooperative model of enterprise.

Your support is very much appreciated.

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