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How to scale up a recipe

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How to scale up a recipe came up on the weekend. A spice company is working with a co-packer and the recipe just isn’t working out right. What a great topic to write about.

Nectarine pie I'm sexy

When I was making pies, I found some recipes were ok to triple them, just not more than 3 or 4 from one recipe. The ingredients got a little crazy and behaved badly. Many mistakes happened, some worked out well and some no so good. This pie is named “I’m Sexy,” it was one of mistakes. A pie made from Nectarines rather than peaches. I’ll let you figure out the rest of the story.

6 Ways that can help you making those conversions.

1. My Kitchen Calculator , it a free online recipe conversion resource. You can also download their free tip calculator app for Android and Kindle.

2. Free Online Calculator, is more likely for commercial uses, or big batches.

3. Pulse Canada Tried and true recipes they have testing in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

4. Joe Pastry – Joe has some real simple recipe conversions for pastry, cookies or baked goods.

5. Beer conversions? The Brewers Friend, site will give you the place to convert and how to make beer with recipes. You can also get their app on in Apple Store.

6. Want to scale up a salad? Just make platters of a variety of lettuce leaves and complimentary vegetables you like in your salad, serve with your favorite dressing.

One of these sites will provide you what you need to expand a recipe to serve the very best to your customers.

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