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Why doesn't the richest valley have a food cluster?

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Why doesn’t the richest valley in the world have a food cluster? They create economic stability in our local communities.

food cluster vs other industries

Just in California alone, a Food cluster is worth $90 Billion, so why aren’t more food hubs or clusters financially supported?

A Food Innovation Hub if you will, is just like there are Tech Hubs.. for IT companies. We also should pay living wages and offer good benefits. Many other cities have already began to support food clusters. Culinary arts, Food productions services and Food Incubators.

The key is to have every city, county have economic development funding made available for food businesses. Many of the incubators will generate local jobs, transform city land into an urban innovation centers, agriculture projects, local produce, incubators for farmers, food producers, a market, cafes and community kitchens.

It’s easy from a food producer to say why not? From my experience of doing the work, of researching talking to people about this idea – some counties have the funding and not the building space where they classify food clusters.

San Francisco has an executive order that the government stress a health and sustainable food directive, like buy local, the city buys food no further than 200 miles away, an annual Restaurant Recognition Program for those who buy local food. Is this enough?

If we really want a bigger food cluster, then we have to come together to work together and demand an area within each county for one. There are a few cities will say, yeah we want you, but you have to bring 200 jobs per business, before we’ll help you get funding or assistance. Who does this anymore?

“This cluster concept is so important… then the synergies that develop from all those different facets coming together can make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.”

President Barack Obama, Cleveland State University,
Winning the Future Forum, February 22, 2011

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