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Join the Food Movement for Farm Workers

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Why join the Food Movement for farm workers? Do really we need organizations to inform business people about fair wages, treatment of people?

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Where have we gone wrong that people are getting mistreated? We all need to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

This just blows my mind that we have to have organizations to mandate all of this..

The Fair food Standards Council is the only dedication 3rd party organization that monitors agriculture in the US.

In 2001, farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida launched an ambitious campaign for Fair Food to educate the consumers on the kind of labor conditions farm worker get.

Since they have launched their program has been called the best workplace-monitor program ins the US. The program gives a voice to the farmworkers and retail food workers. They ensure that our workers get fair wages and working conditions.

The Fair Food Code of Conduct is backed by binding agreements between CIW and many of the largest buyers of tomatoes in the world, from Subway to Walmart.  Participating Buyers are required to suspend purchases from growers who have failed to comply with the Code of Conduct.  These agreements therefore provide a real market incentive for Participating Growers to abide by fair labor practices, resulting in unprecedented reforms in Florida’s tomato industry, including the successful elimination of forced labor in the fields that federal prosecutors dubbed “ground zero for modern-day slavery” just a few years ago.  Sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and wage theft are now the exception, rather than the rule.

about fair food

They have had tremendous results.. read more

Read the Code of Standards growers must abide by these rules of conduct.

This is a film trailer for you to join the movement

For additional information about this so important cause. Food Chains premiered at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and screened subsequently at the Tribeca Film Festival and Guadalajara Film Festival. Food Chains will be released nationwide November 21st. The film’s Executive Producers include Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser.

In this exposé, an intrepid group of Florida farmworkers battle to defeat the $4 trillion global supermarket industry through their ingenious Fair Food program, which partners with growers and retailers to improve working conditions for farm laborers in the United States.

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