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Would you rather be protected or rejected?

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The question of what kind of health certification do I need? What will happen if I don’t have one? Would you rather be protected or rejected?

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First of all, you don’t want to have any run ins’ with the Health Department. When I first started my pie business I got my health permit from my local health agency, as it turned out it was not a managers permit. This costed me 2x. Twice because, under their direction I got a permit then it turns out it wasn’t a Manager’s permit. How did I know the difference?

After doing some research I found the “National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.” This is where I got my Managers Health Permit, it’s good for 5 years. If you are an owner of food business, have an upgraded permit. Every state has it’s rules and regs, I took the idea, if I want to do business in other states I would rather be protected than rejected.

In California this is the State Requirements:

Food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged Time/Temperature Control for Food Safety (TCS) food, except temporary food facilities, shall have an owner or employee who has successfully passed an approved and accredited food safety certification examination.

Food Protection Manager: Required.
Food Handlers: Required to take an ANSI/ASTM-2659 course.
Exceptions: Food Handlers – grocery stores.
State/Health Department Web Site and Regulations 
Manager Training Hours: Recommended but not required.

Food Handler Course: Requires an ANSI/ASTM 2659 approved Food Handler Course.
Food Manager Certification and Food Handler Certificate Renewal: Food Manager every 5 years; Food Handler every 3 years.
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Acceptance: Yes
Course Materials Available: Yes
Approved Options: Classroom, Proctored Online and Pearson Vue Centers. 

When you have an employee permit it is not transferrable to your business.

If you are a personal chef you are your own boss, in other words your own business. Get a Managers Certification.

If you are licensed under the Home Cottage Law, you are a business, be sure to have a Managers food Certification.

You can read the rules, regs and most current information on their website.

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