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How to create Social Change

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How can we create social change that makes a difference? This is certainly one of my values, the idea of making a positive change for all.

Grassroots collaboration begins with people and their communities to make decisions that will impact them. Locally or in other countries. when rework with each other and other organizations we can empower our people into action for the betterment of all.

To being rather than telling people what to do, ask questions, listen to the answers, offer support and expertise. Develop strategies together that will help all.

I picked up a brochure about UUSC, they believe that all people have inherent dignity, power and rights. They partnered up with other UUSC members, activists and inspiring grassroots organizations.

In the recent activities of abuse power, UUSC engages people in owning their power to protect workers, the rights of people in humanitarian crisis.

Although we aren’t in a humanitarian crisis like Haiti, Sudan and the like. Our communities of the USA are in pain and heart-broken as they believe now the authorities – the courts down to the police departments have left people stranded.

Is it a race issue? Or is it more about caring for each other, doing the right things and be free from injustice. The people need a movement. To build a movement we need heart-centered passionate people.

We all need to choose compassion and kindness with each other, re-group and pull everyone together. Sit at the table talk and listen to each other. Create a dinner and invite guests, to celebrate each other.

UUSC is an independent nonsectarian 501(c) (3)nonprofit member organization, as a member of over 40,000 supporters share the same principles and passion for justice. Most importantly you join a coalition of others who put their hand up to the arc of the universe and help it bend toward justice.

There are many stories of hope, of celebrating human rights and the partnerships. since Christmas is coming why not consider to join as a member or get involved the the UUSC Coffee project.

Thank you reading this and for your involvement in making our world a passionate place to live.

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  1. Marjorie A Craig
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    Our organization bakes and sells sweet potato pies, muffins, cup cakes to support our Health and Hygiene Education and School Lunch Project for vulnerable Kenyan children. We are 501, (C )(3).
    The sweet potato emphasis embraces a wide potential not only for economic development, but also for strengthening culture in the lives of many ethnic communities. This potato is a beloved vegetable in Asia, India, Africa, and the US as well.
    I have witnessed the personal awareness among some of the volunteers who assist us with baking. An amazing growth experience of connection and empowerment.
    As the founder and president of our organization, I am very interested in assisting our pie fundraisers to grow and to provide economic opportunities for our younger volunteers.
    Pie making for volunteer organizations is both labor intensive and expensive. It is also a labor of love. We need to grow it.

    Thank you.
    Marjorie A Craig, President
    Help Kenyan Children Survive and Thrive, inc

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