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Is Paleo Food Movement new?

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Have you heard the new rage? I ask myself is Paleo Food movement new?

Paleo vegetables

According to Sandi Clifford wrote many believe it is the caveman diet that is best suited to humans. Read the resources we’ve gathered here to decide for yourself if Paleo diet does work and whether it will work for you? Source: Raw Food Warrior

Dr. Loren Cordain is the Founder of the Paleo Movement.

One of our members of Food 4 Social Change says, the Paleo Diet has helped him to lose 60+ pounds. After discovering how it worked for him he helps families discover the value of it too.
You can read more about Ari Cohn on his blog.

Here’s a listing of other blog about Paleo.
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Something to think about as 2015 is coming around the corner.

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