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Taste with Kevin Longa

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This video is a pre-view of the show “Taste with Kevin Longa.” A food entrepreneur Chef Matthew Dolan is teaching Thunder.”

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A documentary series uncovering the true stories of food entrepreneurs around the world. Premiering in 2015.

Thunder is learning skills for a new life. This is one program of which we’ll be offering at the Kitchen Hub. It’s really designed for those who really want a hand up, not a hand out as they will be learning and training to get the experience and skills they will need.

The program is designed for people who have come down on their luck so to speak and I want to offer them a hand up.

I was faced with my own challenges a year or so ago. Couldn’t get a job, lived out on my car a few times, my sponsor into the USA, has refused to offer any financial support. I decided that if there was any way I could help others I would. Along my journey many people helped me – offered a place to live for a few months to a year. Fed me, encouraged me. With God’s grace, I just kept believing that my life would turn around.

If I had a commercial kitchen I could revive my pie business. I met so many other people needing a commercial kitchen. January 2014 I started forming the idea of a Kitchen Incubator.

In 2015, it will be built..it will offer hope to others and help other Food Entrepreneurs scale up their food businesses.

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