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8 Leading Food Organizations for 2015

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Here are 8 leading food organizations trending for 2015, these organizations are fighting for people’s right to food.

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Farm Hack – Farm Hack is an open-source community that aims to develop, document, and build appropriate, affordable, and adaptable technology for agriculture. The collaborative, community-driven design organization was founded in 2010. It consists of an online platform to share designs, ideas, and new sustainable agriculture research. The community also hosts offline face-to-face meet-ups. 

Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) – COMACO brings knowledge, skills, and market incentives to improve the land-use and livelihoods of small-scale. COMACO transforms communities into responsible stewards of the land by protecting wildlife and growing organic crops. 

ECHO – ECHO empowers small-scale farmers to increase the yield and nutritional diversity of their crops. They operate a seed bank, to provide regionally appropriate crops for development workers, and training courses and workshops on many topics, such as tropical agriculture. 

Feeding the 5000 – Feeding the 5000 encourages farmers to participate in the gleaning movement – where volunteers collect unattractive produce that would otherwise be wasted for consumption. At their events, they serve meals to 5,000 participants, using food that would have otherwise been wasted, while putting the issue of food waste on the political agenda and inspiring local initiatives against food waste. 

Food Day – Food Day promotes healthy, affordable, and sustainable food through a grassroots advocacy campaign. The goal is to improve national food policies through a single-day celebration in October and through year-long educational efforts. Food Day focuses on changing consumer food choices to protect public health, decrease hunger rates, protect agricultural workers, and support the humane treatment of farm animals. 

Kitchen Gardeners International – Kitchen Gardeners International is a nonprofit community of more than 30,000 individuals growing their own food and helping others to do the same. Their aim is for people to achieve greater food self-reliance by teaching about kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems. 

Slow Food International and Slow Food USA – Slow Food International was founded to counter fast food and fast life. This 100,000 member-strong association takes on biodiversity projects and food education, and connects young people through the Slow Food Youth Network. Slow Food works on three interconnected principles: good diet that is part of local culture; clean food production; and fair consumer prices.

Slow Food USA is part of the global Slow Food network of over 150,000 members in more than 150 countries. Their Slow Meat movement draws attention to animal confinement. Slow Meat has become an annual event that brings together ranchers, farmers, butchers, chefs, and eaters to share ideas on how we can produce meat that is good, clean, and fair for all. 

A much bigger list was compiled by the Food tank, read all of them.. I just selected the top that fit in with the local area of CA.

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