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The Sharing Economy is for innovators

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The people involved in the Sharing Economy is for innovators, they see how things could be better and will make a shift to do something better.

Social Entreprise

Did you know there is a Sharing Economy Association?
The Sharing Economy Association (Singapore) is a business association for companies and organisations involved in the sharing economy, which refers to an emerging economic model of sharing of physical and non-physical resources that is empowered by technology, peer-to-peer and social networks. Sharing also covers renting, swapping, lending and gifting. Read more about them.

The sharing economy what is it?
According to the Sustainable Economies Law Center, say that “during times of economic recession and high unemployment, people experience a strong pull to put their time and skills to use, make a contribution, learn, and obtain sustenance in non-traditional ways. To that end, the new economy is characterized by the abundant growth of cooperative enterprises, micro-enterprises, social enterprises, nonprofit enterprises, low-profit enterprises, and gift-economy enterprises.”

Work in the New Economy Program seeks to develop the vision, knowledge, and ideas necessary to change the legal structures and to allow the growth of more sustainable enterprises and livelihoods.

Peerby is an online service where you can borrow tools from your neighbors. Over 4,000 tools nearby.

Is Insurance a sharable service?
There are some cities or states that are allow offering ridesharing, Insurers have developed model draft legislation that can be introduced as more states adopt this collaborative arrangement. This sharing model enables car-owners to make their personal vehicle available to be rented to another person through a car-sharing company.

Rather than watch others make the rules, the people in the sharing economy are building alternative systems with their own rules to bring abundance to the entire community.

Shareable.net have several ways in which you can be part of the shareable economy, read more on their blog.

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