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Starting a Food Business in CA

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Starting a food business in CA is a little overwhelming as there are so many things you need to consider.

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It will depend upon your strategy and structure in which you would like to begin with, this will determine what’s next. For sure you will need a Food Managers Safety Certification, for business owners or anyone who will be supervising others.

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is your most trusted choice in delivering prompt, cost-effective, personal certification to your managers responsible for food safety. National Registry is your go-to source for Food Safety Manager Certification, HACCP Certification and Food Handler Certificate Program. When you think food safety, think National Registry

San Francisco Department of Health Regulations, read more.

Food & Product Insurance

FLIP Insurance is designed for individuals, or companies, in the food vending business. Whether you make, sell, or distribute a food product, you are qualified for FLIP insurance as long as you aren’t selling any of the excluded products listed below and your gross annual sales are under $100,000. If your gross sales are over $100,000, please contact us for additional options.

Liberty Mutual Group They cover meats, Beer, wine and spirits, pet food that FLIP may not cover.

Travelers Company Commercial Insurance for Food Manufacturers Realizing the unique needs of specialized manufacturers, Travelers has developed a specific product exclusively for food manufacturers. Our IndustryEdge® for Food Manufacturers provides you with a single source solution to meet your specialized coverage needs.

State Farm -Don’t Let Your Business Wilt — Protect it with Food Shops Insurance from State Farm

Licenses & Permits

This page CalGold will give you what you are responsible for in what county you live in.

Found a nice blog by Michael AdamsHow to grow your food business.

This is the state of CA website..oh my gosh..it’s very confusing. This would be a great topic for the Conversation Cafe. To have someone speak english to the group what we all need.

Well this is the basics.. if you aren’t doing the Home Cottage Law, you will need to find a Commercial Kitchen or Shared Kitchen space to rent. wrote about this topic before.

Let’s carry on this conversation, let us know what you did or didn’t do so we all can learn from each other. Leave a comment below.

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P.S. Check out the Store for books about starting a Home Cottage Business, it’s written by my good friend Denay Davis.

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