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People who are making a difference

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People who are making a difference. While I’ve been meeting with possible partners, collaborators for our Social Causes and programs.

herb primrose

Anna Rico is the owner of San Jose Crepes Co. we spent some time getting to know each other – and tasted her crepes. Delicious! You’ll be hearing more from her later. This is a Turkey, pesto and cheese crepe. An update, it doesn’t look like they are in business.
san jose crepes

At the Conversation Cafe on Monday night, we chatted mostly about ideas for Marketing..two of the gals that came were exploring food ideas like a Pop up Cafe and an Indian dessert. Of course like You want to make sure your idea is going to sell, get some customers. It’s one thing to have people say that’s a great idea and you should sell it to actually able to get people to buy the products.

Alice Piper at the Chamber of Commerce in Fremont, said “She’s so surprised how many people get their business license and they aren’t even ready to be in business.” Alice really works with business owners once they join the Chamber to help them be successful.

Went to another meeting with Fools Mission, which we are looking at collaborating with each other. They want to build a community center in San Mateo. They are serving immigrants and different cultures who need assistance in their new country and community.

I sit on the Homeless Task Force in Hayward to assist in ending Homelessness. The city of Hayward has set up some strict rules regarding the homelessness in their city. The group of volunteers on this task force, some are homeless themselves have been asking the city to provide public washrooms and services like Lava Mae, that’s in downtown San Francisco to be present in Hayward. There a two community gardens, they provide cooking classes and seeking other programs that will help their mandate. The Street Team has a very interesting program, which would really help the Hayward Task force. Downtown Street Team

Oh, at San Lorenzo High School has a science tech program that teaches the science of plants. Steve Whiley the program head gave a tour of the program and vegetable gardens they have. In May, they do an annual plant sale to raise the money for their programs. And they do raise quite a bit of money. It teach kids about food, cooking and the science of plants and their uses.

cork oak tree This Oak Cork tree is what wine corks are made from. These trees take along time to grow. I didn’t know how corks are made!

The Primrose Rose Flower – a herb for PMS. It grows wild on their property.
herb primrose

I’ll catch up with you soon!

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