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Creating Success One Business at a Time

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Food 4 Social Change, is doing it’s best by creating success one business at a time. By giving a space where food entrepreneurs can grow.

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Food 4 Social Change is bringing the idea to incubate food startups in the East Bay. Selected Food Entrepreneurs enter into a eight-week business accelerator program which will help them understand the basics for starting a food business, researching their target markets and how to develop their food products/services for sale. Shared Kitchen space will be available 24/7

Start-up food businesses that may benefit from a Shared Kitchen 
+ Home-based businesses that wish to legalize and grow their operation
+ Established businesses relying on one-off or difficult situation kitchen rentals
+ Established businesses looking to grow or reach a new market

These businesses will include caterers, personal chefs, bakers, street venders, cake decorators and producers of specialty food items such as condiments and candies. Starting with one small batch at a time, a food entrepreneur can see if there is a demand for their products. The shared Kitchen/Incubator gives everyone an opportunity to be a part of the food community/movement.

According to the National Incubation Association, “By mitigating start-up costs and providing a nurturing environment, business incubators have successfully graduated over 87% of their firms and kept an astounding 84% of these thriving businesses within their local communities for years after graduation. The culinary incubator, often referred to as a “shared-use commercial kitchen,” has taken a time-tested successful concept and swapped out office space for kitchens. They have opened to much acclaim, nurtured successful businesses and been embraced by their communities.

You can become a part of the Food Startup Movement by participating in our crowd fund campaign. Our intention is to have you help us to turn our vision into a realty, one small business at a time. Get involved by clicking here 

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P.S. If you are a Food Entrepreneur join the Food Startup Movement on Facebook.

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