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Making a Difference in Your Community

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By making a difference in your community doesn’t take a lot to be part of something bigger than yourself.

support local communities

There are many diverse communities that host and seek out people capable of thinking up, planning and executing great ideas.

The link is at Indiegogo for the “Co-working Kitchen Incubator.”

All they need is a little bit of funding to help get them started, and that is where other entrepreneurs and funders come in. This is crowdfunding, where a community of people, who probably don’t know each other, decide to fund a good idea that appeals to them. One thing that appeals to a lot of people is food, and there are many food startups.

If you have just been waiting for an opportunity to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, your chance has arrived, with the release of a “Co-working Kitchen Incubator,” an idea similar to a co-working office incubator, but for food. My friend, is passionately working on this idea to fill a need in the South and East Bay Areas of San Francisco. She is an entrepreneur working to support other entrepreneurs too!

Your $25 contribution allows you to be an investor, a donor, someone who will help another entrepreneur, to help other entrepreneurs and you become part of the community.

Help us by hopping over to Indiegogo contribute and share some Love for us!

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