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Why Start a Co-Working Kitchen?

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Why start co-working kitchen? With a business development program it will lead to positive impact in the local community.

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The benefits of a co-working kitchen outweighs the $$ (financial) cost not building one. Not only will it create more jobs, it will educate food startups including the people who are optimizing the Cottage Law. Food Entrepreneurs will learn about the rules, of starting up a food business, they’ll also learn the best practices for marketing and promoting their business.

Plus, you’ll meet some great strangers who can become friends.

A community kitchen can help improve food security for participants by increasing physical and economic access to adequate amounts of healthy food.

By being involved in a community kitchen, participants will:
+ Learn how to cook, prepare healthy, tasty and nutritious meals on a budget
+ Learn about food safety – how to store food, about washing your hands etc
+ Develop food knowledge and cooking skills
+ Learn how to plan meals and save money on food
+ Taste new foods
+ Learn how to read food labels
+ Build confidence cooking and feel more comfortable in the kitchen
+ Cook in a social atmosphere and meet new friends!

Shop locally:
A co-working community kitchen strengthens the local food system by increasing the volume of locally grown food that can be processed in the community.  Shortening the supply chain of any aspect of the food production process ultimately decreases the food miles travelled, thereby lessening the carbon footprint of our meals.

Health Benefits:
Locally produced products are likely to be fresher and less heavily processed than mass produced and heavily-traveled food.  Increasing the community’s access to these foods is better for our physical health. Better for the local producer.

Food Security:
A kitchen that can process food locally strengthens our food security by increasing the availability of locally grown foods throughout the year.  This is especially important in times of crisis.

Hunger Alleviation:
Involved with the community, the kitchen will support volunteer preparation of healthy food for our local community. No one should go hungry.

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