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How can Hackathons help Food Startups?

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How can Hackathons help food startups? We hear about Hackathons, have you asked yourself what are they? I started asking around what they are and wondered if they could work for us.

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Once again if you have a product that you want to figure out how to make it better or more innovative. Taking a current product by modifying it to what the consumer wants – you just may want to create your own hackathon to make it better.

Hackathons within a company like Facebook, Google or other tech companies are usually used to doing them.
“Hackathons organically encourage culture-building and collaboration within the company without any top-down guidance. This is crucial, because culture isn’t something that can simply be prescribed. As teams begin to meet up and flesh out their ideas it reinforces the importance of prioritizing action, and reminds both company veterans and new arrivals how to move fast and build together.” According to Medium a blog.

Some of the things you need to consider if you are going create one.
1. Be Playful, Be Curious
2. Risk Everything, Win Together
3. Have Trust and Empathy
4. Have lots of food

“The act of engaging in activities in a spirit of playfulness and exploring the limits of what is possible, thereby doing something exciting and meaningful.”

There is a group on LinkedIn, for startups that I joined, they offered to give hack ideas for the Kitchen Incubator to give us some alternative ideas.

Here’s what Ravi Kakan said about “growth hacking” the Kitchen Incubator:

Great thing you are doing here.

1. Build a Pinterest based content campaign and club your Outreach with Twitter

2. Have an alliance with at least one FMCG major in your area or any food major who is investing into biotech.

3. Build a USP for your incubator….Anything Our UPS is “Developing a Food StartUp ecosystem.”

4. Try to be a little active across startup groups with your insights, Quora & LinkedIn

5. Use the LinkedIn Blog or Your Own blog to create Thought Leadership content and build a smart outreach campaign through Pinterest/Twitter/LinkedIn

6. Since you are familiar with Inbound Marketing try making this as the destination point for any call to action with all your content and insights landing here.

I am pretty sure with your current X visitors to your Call to action Zone you will kickass and growth hack to 7-10X in a months time easily.

Hope this helps


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